Save 85% on SurfsharkVPN

SurfsharkVPN has a fairly straightforward 30-day-money-back guarantee. That means if you sign up and find you wish to quit the service before the 30 days are up, you can without spending a cent.

New users only. Terms & Conditions apply.

One of the key advantages of SurfsharkVPN is that it is based in a location outside of EU and US jurisdiction.

By using a coupon, you can score excellent bargains and the best possible deals for SurfsharkVPN. This top-notch VPN service utilizes advanced security technologies to safeguard your internet traffic, providing robust and dependable encryption between your device and a VPN server. SurfsharkVPN apps come equipped with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) using 256-bit keys – the same encryption technology utilized by the US government to secure classified information and the NSA to safeguard national security data.


SurfsharkVPN is stationed in a location that is beyond the reach of EU and US jurisdictions, which means that the VPN service is not required to obtain your personal information. Therefore, SurfsharkVPN doesn’t store, monitor, record, log, or share any of your online activities. Even if you ask for information about your internet activity, SurfsharkVPN cannot provide you with any details because they have no information to give.

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